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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Fire at Rumah Panjang Air Panas Setapak

Your Gateway to Y.B Senator Dato' T.Murugiah on a visit last Thursday morning...

Visit and donation by Y.B Senator Dato’ T.Murugiah to fire victims at Rumah Panjang Air Panas Setapak


4, June 09- Morning: Y.B Senator Dato’ T.Murugiah visited the 2 families who 

lost their house and whatever property in it during last night’s blaze that left 

them temporarily homeless.


The fire incident reported occurred at; No.6-8 Block A-14, Jln 8/51F, 

Rumah Panjang Air Panas Setapak,  Kuala Lumpur.


The 2 Families affected are:-

1.     Indian family; Mrs. Nagamah a/p Palaniveloo (single mother who lives 

with her 2 chldren,  Kaliswaran and Munishadevi, home also occupied by 3-4 

other family members

2.     Chinese family; Mrs Ho Ah Mui (mother) and daughter Wong Chooi Wah


Dato’ T.Murugiah met the family members who lost their homes and donated 

RM 1,000 each to both the families on behalf of the People’s Progressive 

Party (PPP); meanwhile Dato’ T.Murugiah says that he will also be assisting 

the families to apply for replacement homes at PPR Kg Baru Air Panas.


Dato’ T.Murugiah said, “The fire reported occurred sometime during midnight 

yesterday but the cause yet unknown though the Fire, Search and Rescue 

department are still investigating what triggered the incident and will provide 

a report in regards to the fire incident”.


According to PPP State Chairman of Wilayah Persekutuan, Rajandran Rengan, 

“Currently, the families have been placed at the Dewan Air Panas temporary 

shelter until their new replacement homes are made available”.


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